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The Order of Writing the Future for Youth

Hasan Kartal, our founder, has made it a principle for himself and his family to support students in need of financial support since the establishment of Kartallar Holding. The financial and moral support that started in 1986 before the establishment of Hasan Kartal Educational Foundation contributed to the education life of students by providing hundreds of scholarships. He established the Hasan Kartal Education Foundation in 2017 in order to deliver these supports to more young people in a more organized way.

Hasan Kartal, our founder, has adopted the principle of providing support to students in need of financial support, by himself and his family, since the establishment of Kartallar Holding. Before the establishment of the Hasan Kartal Education Foundation, it contributed to the education life of hundreds of students by providing scholarships. He established the Hasan Kartal Education Foundation in 2017 in order to deliver these supports to more young people in a more organized way.

The purpose of this foundation is to prevent many treasures from being buried under the ground due to financial impossibilities. Our Founder wants to contribute on behalf of our country to the training of well-equipped, scientifically thinking, successful and bright young people. It is his greatest wish for education to rain equally for everyone, and his biggest dream is to help our country develop thanks to the youth.

They are the youth of this country, they are our children. Our country belongs to them, they belong to all of us. It is our debt to them to be with them as a nation in all kinds of financial and moral difficulties. In addition, our nation’s request from them is, “The future is in the skies!” For Atatürk, who said, it means turning their direction towards the sun and opening their leaves towards the sky.

We all have full faith in them. The beacon of our glorious past will shed light on their way through dark seas. With this light, they will not be afraid as they walk into the future. His steps will leave traces in the history books. They will open their wings towards the horizons and reshape the world with what they do. The name of our country will echo in the streets of all countries…

Now it’s our young people’s turn to write the future!

Scholarship Content

Education Support Scholarship is a non-refundable scholarship given to the scholarship holder without obligation to service or reimburse. The scholarship holder receives this scholarship for 10 months without interruption. The scholarship does not continue in the following year. In case of incorrect information or incomplete document submission, the scholarship is terminated.

Who can get a scholarship

Regardless of religion, language, ethnicity and gender, anyone who is a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and studying at a university or higher education school, in need, can become a scholarship holder. However, those whose scholarship has been terminated due to failure to fulfill their obligations cannot apply again.

They have been eligible for the scholarship before and can apply again in the following years. Old applications do not continue as a right.

No distinction is made between state or foundation universities in the applications.

Scholarship Application Conditions

  1. To be a Turkish citizen.
  2. To be enrolled in a higher education institution at the undergraduate or associate degree level.
  3. Not be older than 24 years.
  4. To be in need of financial support according to their wealth and income status.
  5. Not working as a permanent employee in any company or organization.
  6. Not receiving a salary, salary or scholarship from another institution
  7. At least 75 out of 100 according to the grading system of the university; Having an average of at least 2.50 out of 4.00.
  8. The school entrance score he earned and the course grades he received in the last academic year; to submit the documents to be obtained from the relevant school regarding the registration.
  9. Scholarship applications of graduate and doctoral students are not accepted.
  10. Not having frozen the university registration (Being an active student)
  11. For the scholarship application. students who are citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkish Republics can apply, if the Board of Directors deems it appropriate.

For Intermediate Classes

  1. Having the right to pass to the next year and not having more than 3 failed courses
  2. For students who pass from the preparatory class to the first year; they must be passed successfully.