Year 1972… Although not yet under the name of Kartallar, the first step were taken in those days. Of course, growing was one of our primary goals, but the main thing was to grow with our country. We set out in difficult conditions, fortunately the conditions our country has today are far beyond those days. Even though I say our dreams and goals were big, we are now in places we couldn’t even imagine. In my opinion, it is the most important duty of our generation not to forget our virtues that brought us out of limited opportunities and poverty.

While following the world and bringing the developing technology and civilization to the country, I have experienced the importance of being firmly attached to traditions and roots. Knowing that you cannot serve these lands by staying away from the people and culture of the geography you live in is one of our greatest values ​​that makes us who we are.

We are kneaded by a culture from when the word was bond, because trust is the greatest capital a trader can have. A single promise not kept is an indelible shadow upon hundreds of achievements. When a promise is made, it is necessary to know the oath.

For the continuity of your success, it is necessary to know how to share your achievements. If your employees are your family, they have a right to win when they win. What is won together is celebrated together.

Having received the title of Holding as of 2017, Kartallar is a large and powerful family with numerous companies serving in different sectors today. A family whose individuals love their country, works hard to serve it, and knows the values ​​that grow and grow it every day. My wish and expectation is that our future generations will add pride to this family, perpetuating the confidence, happiness and labor felt under the eagle’s wings.

Kartallar Holding Chairman of the Board