Kartallar Holding also makes a name for itself in the agriculture and livestock sector with its “human first” belief and nature-friendly agricultural practices. There is a cattle breeding facility with an area of 36.000 m2 in the farm established in the Anayurt Mahallesi, which has a topographic structure suitable for agriculture and animal husbandry. The total area of land allocated to feed the cattle in its structure with natural methods is 103.6 hectares.

Raw milk is produced in the facility, which operates as a free enterprise from diseases. As of 2022, the number of cattle is 200 and the total monthly milk production capacity is 150,000 l Among the short-term goals is to increase the product variety.

In the medium-term plan, which is considered with the growth and development of the livestock facility, 500 bovine animals and 500,000 l/month milk production are targeted for 2025. In line with long-term plans, for 2030 ıt is aimed to produce 1,000 cattle and 1,000,0000 l/month of milk.

As quality forage crops in our fertile agricultural lands; corn silage, alfalfa, barley, wheat and oats are used. The total production capacity of the field crops produced is 2,650 tons.

Simultaneously with the increase in capacity, we continue our work with the goal of diversifying dairy products by processing in our facility and becoming a brand known by everyone in the national market.